EMVO On-boarding Partner Portal

The process starts with your request to participate

To facilitate the On-boarding Process to the EU Hub, EMVO provides you a user-friendly web-based “EMVO On-boarding Partner Portal (OBP Portal)” that will guide you step by step through the process.
The portal is an interactive one, directly linked to the EMVO team in order to help you to proceed successfully with the completion of the diverse requirements.

The process starts with your request for registration. Please note that any delegate of the OBP is able to request access to the EMVO OBP Portal (hereinafter referred to as Initial Requester (IR)). This will allow you to access to your private secured area and proceed with the provision of diverse information and the signing of the Participation Agreement (PA).

Having completed those first requirements and following a Legitimacy Check, you will be granted access to the Technical On-boarding.

OBP Checklist for Contractual On-boarding

This is a Checklist for EMVOs On-boarding Partners to speed up the OBP Portal Procedure. Please find and keep all the information mentioned in this Checklist Clip before requesting access to the OBP Portal.

The Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) and the Delegated Regulation (DR) are available in our
"In case of uncertainties our Helpdesk
remains at your disposal."