Released: EMVO bi-weekly newsletter

EMVO is pleased to announce that from this April onwards, EMVO will be issuing a newsletter every two weeks informing you about
our activities.

In order to meet the needs of the Operational Phase of the EMVS, we believe that establishing and maintaining a regular form of communication to those interested in our work is necessary.
What is more, we have been constantly improving our processes in the period since the European Medicines Verification System (‘EMVS’) launch on 9th February 2019 and we, therefore, have much to report on.

The newsletter covering amongst others:
1. Technical updates going from any outstanding issue to upcoming updates on technical
functionalities. These will mirror the information we publish via the EVI on our website.
2. A general news update, where we will be announcing developments in our organisation
which are of interest to anyone with a stake in our work.


Please find the newsletter listed under More Details.