Letter of Announcement: EMVO’s communication regarding the impact of Brexit and the Northern Ireland Protocol in the EMVS following the EU Commission’s Notice

As mentioned in our previous announcement of the 5th November 2020, EMVO was expecting guidance from the European Commission and the Member States regarding the release/decommissioning of single market medicine packs for Great Britain or Northern Ireland, and multi-market medicine packs (packs with common labelling across two or more markets, including the UK) in the EMVS after 1 January 2021.

Today, the European Commission, with its Notice C (2020) 9264 on the Application of the Union’s pharmaceutical acquis in markets historically dependent on medicines supply from or through Great Britain after the end of the transition period, provides some long-expected clarifications to minimise the impact of Brexit on concerned parties whilst maintaining necessary safeguards for the protection of the legal supply chain from falsified medicines.

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