Changes to EMVO’s Board of Directors

After a successful General Assembly meeting, EMVO would like to congratulate the EMVO’s Board members for their appointment in new functions within the Board and for the renewal of their two-year mandate for the term 2023-2025.

More specifically, Monika Derecque-Pois has been appointed as the new EMVO President and re-elected as EMVO’s Director representing GIRP. Nathalie Moll has been appointed as the new EMVO Vice-President and re-elected as Director representing EFPIA. Kasper Ernest has been appointed as the new EMVO Treasurer and re-elected as Director representing Affordable Medicines Europe. Ilaria Passarani has been re-elected as Director representing PGEU. Adrian van den Hoven has been re-elected as Director representing Medicines for Europe. Andreas Walter, EMVO’s General Manager, shares his thoughts about the new composition of EMVO’s Board:

I would like to thank Kasper Ernest, Ilaria Passarani and Adrian van den Hoven for their contribution as EMVO’s President, Vice-President and Treasurer, respectively, for the term 2021-2023. Their active and valuable involvement contributed to further strengthening EMVO and the EMVS and proved that any challenges and obstacles can be overcome. I am very pleased to welcome Monika Derecque-Pois as EMVO’s new President and I am confident that together with Nathalie Moll as EMVO’s Vice-President, the vitality and the stability of the project will remain. I look forward to working more closely together. I would also like to congratulate our Board members on their re-election as EMVO’s Directors and thank them for their assistance and cooperation. Your on-going support and dedication are essential to the project’s stability and enhancement.

Monika Derecque-Pois, EMVO’s new President and Director representing GIRP, states: “I am honored and excited to take on the role of President of the European Medicines Verification Organisation (EMVO). As the healthcare sector continues to face unprecedented challenges, the importance of safe and secure supply chains for medicines has never been more critical. I look forward to working with our Stakeholders to ensure the continued success of our mission to protect patients and combat the threat of falsified medicines.”