Announcement – OBP Portal – New Release

EMVO is glad to inform you that a new release of the On-boarding Partner Portal will be available as of Wednesday the 11th of April. Among others, the following new features will be made available with this new release:
• The OBP will be able to modify the information related to the Single Point Of Contact (SPOC). This can be done only before the approval of the Participation Agreement and/or after the legitimacy check has been reported successful in the portal. The newly appointed SPOC will receive its individual credentials accordingly.
• The Step 5 – “Maintenance” mode is now available. This step in the portal will enable the OBP to keep several information up to date after the legitimacy check successful completion, such as the Company information and the list of affiliated MAHs. Also, in addition to the SPOC, the OBP will be able to appoint a SPOC Assistant. That person will have the same permissions as the SPOC on the OBP Portal (e.g. processing the Technical On-boarding, updating the information contained in the maintenance mode, etc.).

In addition, please be aware that EMVO has moderated the prerequisites for OBP’s On-boarding to the EU Hub PRD environment. Currently, only the first three test dimensions of the test metrics are to be passed. We refer to these 3 tests as the baseline tests, which are comprised of the following 3 test dimensions Product Master Data (1), Product Pack Data (2) and Product Pack Update (3).

EMVO would like to draw your attention on the fact that the IQE Test Status Metrics is a self-awareness tool which provides the OBP with a means to test dimensions which require interaction with the EU Hub and provide a level of confidence that the OBP meets certain Software Development Kit requirements. These dimensions are merely confidence-based. This implies that having all test status metrics marked ‘Passed’ does not mean or imply that the OBP system has been certified, validated or otherwise checked by EMVO. EMVO does not validate or certify any Gateway Provider or Connection Provider, the validation and DR compliance therefore remains the sole responsibility of the OBP in his role as system owner and has to follow the procedures of the OBP’s own Quality Management System. EMVO does not assume and expressly disclaims any responsibility and/or liability with respect to the connection of the OBP system and its function in general. The ultimate responsibility for the OBP is to guarantee that the system operates in a correct, error-free and uninterrupted manner, as well as being in compliance with the applicable legislation.

More Details:

Find more detailed information from the Letter of Announcement

2018/04/04 | OBP Portal – New Release