Announcement – NMVOs Progresses in the On-boarding

EMVO would like to advise you that, in order for you to follow the latest news on the progresses of the NMVOs in their On-boarding process, EMVO continuously updates a Section entirely devoted for that purpose on our website.

A map shows you the NMVS available in each environment of the European Hub. Very recently, and as it has been announced through a letter of announcement, four countries, in addition to Germany, have been connected to the EU Hub Production Environment.

Besides, a table shows you the target dates for the Go-Live already communicated by several countries. The national pilots will be announced following the guidance from the relevant countries. Please be aware that those dates may still vary as they depend on several elements.




More Details:

Find more detailed information from the Letter of Announcement

2018/04/12 | NMVOs Progresses in the On-boarding