Announcement – Last Opportunity for a Timely On-boarding

EMVO would like to make all On-boarding Partners and future On-boarding Partners aware that the end of June 2018 should be considered as the very last opportunity to On-board timely. Any late on-boarding after that date may entail a risk to the company’s business.

The OBP has to take into account that information and expertise from various departments of its company are needed to complete the contractual and technical on-boarding on time. EMVO’s pledge is to ensure an effective level of service towards all OBPs and to allow sufficient time for a successful on-boarding. On the other hand, the OBP should be aware that the on-boarding process may take some time, beyond the control of EMVO.


More Details:

Please find more details from the Letter of Announcement

2018/01/12 | Last Opportunity for a Timely On-boarding