Announcement – EU Hub successfully upgraded and latest version of SDK available

As it has been announced in a previous communication, the EU Hub has been successfully upgraded to SR 1.3.01, as planned.

This upgrade has the following impact:
1. The OBP portal test metrics now successfully reports on Recall Batch transactions.
2. Pack State by Batch report introduced. This report returns the metrics relating to the number of product packs in the system (owned by the OBP) summarized at a “by batch” level for the specified status.
3. Swapping Certificates (Service Subscription/Service Subscription Roll)
At expiration of a certificate, user has to renew the certificate, using the request to change a certificate. This request is combined with the provisioning of a new endpoint. Previously, when an organisation had multiple clients the “change certificate” request would be applied to the first client only, not the second client. This 2nd client would still point to the old endpoint and therefore be ignored by the HUB . From this release forward, the request will be applied to both clients.

The following SDK Documentation (and related code samples) have been updated:
• EMVS0714 – EMVS SDK for OBPs
• EMVS0794 EMVS OBPs .NET SDK Installation Guide SDK
• EMVS0787 EMVS Java SDK Installation Instructions for OBP’s V3.0

These documents relate to the latest Hub version that has just been deployed and are available in Step 5.1. of the OBP Portal, Technical Info-pack.

More Details:

Find more detailed information from the Letter of Announcement

2018/04/25 | Successful Hub Upgrade & Updated SDK Available