Announcement – EU Hub Down for Maintenance

EMVO would like to inform you that the European Hub is going to be down for maintenance from tomorrow, Friday 20th of April at 5:00 pm CET, till Monday the 23rd of April at 8:00 am CET.

This implies that no connection will be allowed during that time period to the EU Hub. A message will inform you accordingly in case you attempt to connect. All three environments are affected, which implies that your OBP Company will not be able to upload data in PRD, neither to perform any test in ITE or IQE. Therefore, the OBP should suspend all actions in the Technical On-boarding on the OBP Portal during that time period.

From Monday the 23rd of April at 8:00 am CET, the EU Hub is planned to be available and operating normally.


More Details:

Find more detailed information from the Letter of Announcement

2018/04/19 | EU Hub Down for Maintenance