To support our recipients (On-boarding Partner, OBP Connection Provider, National Medicines Verification Organisations) during her On-boarding Process, we release the latest versions of our On-boarding Guides, as well as additional information, here.


Download the Directive 2011/62/EU (FMD) in English. Download the document from the EU server in other languages here.
Download the Delegated Regulation (EU) 2016/161 in English. Download the document from the EU server in other languages here.
Download the Questions and Answers V7.0 document on safety features for medicinal products for human use in English. This document was published by the European Commission.
Download the EMVO Glossary here.

On-boarding Partner (OBP)

OBP On-boarding Presentation V5.0
OBP On-boarding Guideline V3.0
OBP Checklist for Contractual On-boarding
OBP Participation Agreement (SAMPLE)
Invoicing Information Form (SAMPLE)
EMVS Master Data Guide
Coding Requirements (2017.09)
National Registers for obtaining the Copy of Proof
Connecting Systems to the EMVS V1.0
Web Gateway Overview

OBP IT Connection Provider (OBP CP)

OBP Connection Provider License Agreement (SAMPLE)

National Medicines Verification Organisation (NMVO)

NMVO On-boarding Presentation V3.0
NMVO On-boarding Guideline V2.0
Roadmap to NMVO and NMVS implementation
Template NMVO Statutes
White Paper on EMVS Data Upload
National Memorandum of Understanding (template)

Letters of Announcement

2017/10/04 | New release of OBP Portal
2017/10/03 | EU HUB 2.0 and EMVO Gateway 3.0
2017/09/06 | EMVO On-boarding / NMVO Contracting
2017/07/24 | Updated Credential Handling for the OBP Portal
2017/07/24 | EU Hub 2 availability and new release of the OBP Portal
2017/03/28 | Training Video for the OBP Portal
2017/03/16 | New NMVO Section
2017/03/10 | Release of the OBP Portal


EMVO NCA Workshop 2016.12.13 – Brussels

EMVO MS Workshop COM
Supervision by NCA and Access to Data
State of Play – EMVS and Connected Systems
State of Play – Hub On-boarding
Flat Fee Allocation Model Voluntary Use