Who are the existing OBP Connection Providers?


OBP Connection Providers
OBP CP Product Name Status
EMVO EMVO Gateway Certified
Adents High Tech International Adents Prodigi Certified
Tracelink, Inc. Certified
Verifarma “BDEV” Verifarma Certified
Arvato systems GmbH Registered
Antares Vision s.r.l. ATSFour Registered
tracekey solutions GmbH tracekey pharmaceutical Registered
rfXcel Registered
Optel Group Optel Gateway Registered
SEA Vision SEA Vision Edge Registered
SoftGroup SoftGroup® SaTT Registered
Axway Sponsored
Boss Informatics Sponsored
SAP SE Sponsored
ORIWIN s.r.o. ORIWIN Track & Trace Sponsored
Verify Brand LLC. Verify Platform Sponsored
BRAINORITY Software GmbH SecIdent – Pharma Coding System Sponsored
XQS Service GmbH Sponsored
Tradeticity Ltd CURESYNC Sponsored
momaja Sponsored
Melior Solutions Limited TTM500 Sponsored
Infor AG ERP Blending Sponsored


Process Steps for OBP Connection Providers

Process Steps for OBP CP

OBPs can choose to connect to the EU Hub via a direct connection (data send from OBPs system straight to EU Hub) or a Gateway Connection (data sent first to a Gateway Provider. The Gateway Provider sends it through to the EU Hub).

Within the European Medicines Verification Organisation (EMVO), we refer to the manufacturers who want to on-board to the EMVS, as On-boarding Partners or OBP’s. The IT companies which deliver IT services to the OBP’s are called OBP Connection Providers. Before an OBP Connection Provider is empowered to deliver IT services to connect to the EMVS via a Gateway Connection, some prerequisites are to be met:

1st, the OBP Connection Provider is permitted to connect with the European Hub once he has a manufacturer as a genuine customer. EMVO will perform a legitimacy check on this customer to ensure that it is a real pharmaceutical manufacturer with a valid right to join the EMVS.

2nd, both the OBP Connection Provider and the OBP are required to sign contracts with EMVO. The OBP needs to sign a Participation Agreement (PA). The OBP Connection Provider is required to sign a License Agreement.

3rd, the OBP Connection Provider needs to sign up for a Support Contract with Solidsoft Reply (the IT provider of the European Hub) and join their Developer Partner Programme. Solidsoft Reply will then provide the support material, a Single Point of Contact and most importantly an own sandbox and accounts in which the OBP Connection Provider can develop and test.

A sample of the License Agreement is available in the Documents Overview.

Contract Landscape

Your next steps

You need to acquire your first customer. When you have this first valid customer, this customer should get in touch with us and we’ll point him down the right path. Future steps are then to sign the License Agreement and the Support Contract as well. You are permitted to start the technical On-boarding together with your first customer, after the Legitimacy Check was successful and if all the required contracts are signed by all parties.